PilotLine Industrial Electrospinning Machine


Brief Explanation

Nanospinner Pilot Line Semi Industrial Electrospinning Machine is designed for precise product development processes in semi industrial scales. The model is specifically suited to universities and industrial R&D departments of companies engaged in electrospinning over long time intervals requiring in-situ parameter optimization. With the programmable touch screen control panel it is so easy to re-call the previous recipes and produce new samples within all same parameters thus will provide easy to compare results and creates logical steps for product development.  This flexible, programmable, recipe re-call enabled system has long-term electrospinning capability and is supported by unique features.

Applicable for developing commercial nanofiber products such as facemask, battery separator, air and liquid filters, wound dressing materials i.e.

Unique Properties

  • Bottom-Up spinning
  • Up to 30 concurrently feeding nozzles
  • 500mm wide nanofiber coating
  • Programmable touch screen control panel
  • Continuous roll to roll substrate winding collector system
  • Adjustable horizontal movement between 30-80mm and 5-50mm/sec
  • Automatic adjustable spinning distance between 30-230mm. Nozzle to collector.
  • 0,01-5gr/metersquare thick nanofiber membrane production capacity.

Compatible with Scaling-Up Program

Type of collector Plate collector Type: 1 Plate collector Type: 2
Length 370mm 210mm
Width 130mm 180mm
Integrated in NS Starter Kit NS Basic System, NE 100, NE 200, NE 300 (XP), NS 24 (XP)